We are establishing a CORE Chapter in Jacksonville, Florida and we will Kickoff our first Cycle July 2019. If you are interested in joining us in Jacksonville, Florida, please email us at coreinterpretersfl@gmail.com.

We look forward to setting up a CORE Chapter in the sunshine state!

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Lionell gonzalez

Born in Puerto Rico and raised in Florida, Lionell Gonzalez is a nationally certified sign language interpreter that has been working in the the English/Spanish/ASL interpreting field since 2004. Lionell also has an allied health background as he is a licensed and nationally certified Radiologic Technologist. Currently Lionell is the center manager for the Jacksonville, FL Z Video Relay Service Office, but has extensive experience in community interpreting including Medical and Educational settings. His passion lies in tri-lingual work where he can help bridge the gap between Hispanic, Deaf, and hearing worlds.

Dawn m wessling

Dawn M. Wessling, M. Ed., NIC Master has been working as a sign language interpreter for over 25 years and has been teaching interpreting and related topics in academic and workshop settings for 20+ years. She has worked as an interpreter in the community, in non-profit organizations, in K-12 settings, in VRS and in higher education in Virginia, Florida, Michigan, and Oklahoma. She learned American Sign Language from the Deaf community while she was on active duty in the United States Navy and continues to have strong ties to the community. She serves as an instructor and the staff interpreter for the College of Education and Human Services. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from the University of Maryland, University College, Europe in 2006 where she graduated summa cum laude. Ms. Wessling is an outstanding graduate of the University of North Florida with a Master of Education with a concentration in ASL/English Interpreting (Class of 2012). Her research interests include cognition in natural ASL discourse versus interpreted discourse, interpreted emotional utterances, spoken English accent, and language policy in interpreter education. She has published studies and presented on research regarding language modality in interpreter education, video relay service interpreting, international study abroad, and language shaming in interpreter education in the US and Europe. She is a Presidential scholar and doctoral candidate at Gallaudet University currently in her dissertation proposal phase. She serves on several committees within her university and is the chairperson of the FSCJ Sign Language Interpreting Program Advisory committee. She is a member of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, the Conference of Interpreter Trainers, and the National Association of the Deaf. She is a veteran of the United States Navy, the wife of a retired sailor, and a native of New Jersey. Her hobbies include cooking, creative arts, and reading Stephen King works.

james pope

James Pope, M.A., M.Ed., CI, CT began teaching at FSCJ in 2007 and has been teaching for 15 years. James, a native user of ASL, is a CODA (child of Deaf adults) originally from the Northeast Florida region. He has been interpreting for a total of twenty-five years, specializing in medical, educational, VRS, and mental health. He holds and M.Ed. Deaf education from UNF and his M.A. in Linguistics from Gallaudet University. His areas of interest are research, linguistics, second language acquisition, sociolinguistics, and variation. 

shawn Norris

Shawn Norris, NIC, Ed: K-12, currently works at Flagler Hospital located in St. Augustine, Florida as an ASL Interpreter, Patient Liaison, and Interpreter Coordinator. Due to being raised by Deaf parents, Shawn has close ties to the local Deaf community and has been serving as an advocate and volunteer. Shawn has been working in the interpreting field for over a decade, serving as an interpreter and manager for several companies and government agencies, such as FEMA and DHS. In the past, he established a local agency that provided interpreting services in ASL and Spanish which he later merged with a large national agency that created an office in Jacksonville. In addition to his extensive interpreting experience, Shawn is a long-time public speaker and has worked on several translation projects for a free Bible education work for the Deaf.

support crew


Stephanie Monroe NIC, M.Ed., graduated from Tennessee Temple University in 2003 with a dual degrees in elementary education and sign language interpreting, and in 2014 with a Masters degree in Interpreting Pedagogy. Stephanie has been a community and freelance interpreter in the Jacksonville area since 2003, and became RID certified in 2008. Stephanie is also the current Interpreter Manager at the Independent Living Resource Center in Jacksonville, FL. When Stephanie is not interpreting in the field, you can find her spending time and traveling with her husband and her 3 children, Asa, Elijah, and Ayva.

Stephanie is so thrilled to run the CORE Florida Chapter and is so excited to Kickoff our pilot program in July 2019.  

alli austin

Allison Austin NIC, M.S. has been working as a professional sign language interpreter for the past 7 years. She received a B.S. degree in Sign Language Interpreting from Siena Heights University in 2015 and her M.S. degree from the University of North Florida in ASL/English interpreting. She completed the interpreter training program over at Florida State College at Jacksonville in 2012 and has been interpreting in the community since. For the past four years, Allison has been working full time at the Disability Resource Center at the University of North Florida as their full time staff interpreter. Over these years she has interpreted in a variety of settings, most of which include education in some capacity. In addition to interpreting, Allison’s interests include traveling, food, and CrossFit.