Our mentorship program is a six month mentorship with two interpreters placed together by the Match Team. In order to improve our networking and support system, the Match Team will also place each mentorship pair on a team. Each of the teams will have two Coaches assigned to oversee and provide additional support to the mentorship pairs. This safety-net approach to mentoring allows the mentors to rely on the Coaches, while also providing the mentees with an opportunity to converse with more experienced interpreters. Each of the Coaches are selected based on their years of experience, skill, education, training, and knowledge of mentoring.

During each mentorship cycle, we request each mentorship pair complete the following: team interpret a minimum of two pro bono jobs vetted by CORE, meet in person once a month to discuss skill development, virtually connect once a month to check-in, and attend the CORE Kickoff Event as well as the CORE Completion Event. We also host monthly workshops presented by our Coaches for that particular cycle.

Due to our limited capacity, CORE is meant for working sign language interpreters only. We do not accept students who have not graduated from their program yet. Please reach out to us when you have graduated. 

The Meaning of CORE

Colleague Advancement
“Mentoring for everyone”

“Sharing the knowledge”

“Equipping interpreters”

“A principled approach to interpreting”

The Experience

This organization firmly stands in a position to guide new interpreters to the next level. With a family-like supportive approach and simple achievable goals, mentors and mentees alike build their skills straight from the CORE.
— Kevin Dyels, Coach
If you are looking for a safe place to learn and grow, CORE is for you. It is designed to ‘Each One Teach One’ in a way that capitalizes on the best in everyone. It dispels the ideas of competition and picks up where your formal training program left off.
— D’Lisa Robinson, Coach
It has been so beneficial to get feedback and guidance from my CORE mentor!
— Pali Dacanay, Mentee
As a new interpreter, CORE is an anchor of stability when navigating new waters.
— Estie Kruglak, Mentee
CORE has been a wonderful outlet for me to build networking contacts, increase my interpreting confidence, and a positive support system in developing the foundation of my interpreting career.
— Lane Peters, Mentee
CORE benefits the mentors just as much as, if not more than, it benefits the mentees. The monthly events provide a great opportunity to establish a close bond and network with one’s colleagues, an opportunity not usually afforded to the interpreting profession. Likewise, the workshops were invaluable to my growth as a professional ASL/English interpreter.

— Denise Kirkpatrick, Mentor
CORE has been a wonderful support system for me as a new interpreter. I found it to be a safe place where I could ask questions and receive honest, and helpful feedback to grow. My mentor and coaches took my goals as seriously as I did and worked alongside me to help me achieve them. I went from being close to quitting to finding CORE and realizing that I could do this. I will always be grateful for the support and encouragement CORE gave me when I needed it most.
— Victoria Greatwood, Mentee