One of our values is the importance of giving back to the Deaf community.

CORE Interpreters LLC has partnered with different organizations across the country to provide services pro bono for internal needs. As part of this experience, we expect each mentorship pair to work a minimum of two pro bono jobs during their six months with CORE. While CORE will have a list of potential pro bono opportunities for each pair to choose from, we also will support mentors and mentees finding their own pro bono opportunities. When accepting pro bono work, we ask mentors and mentees to please use their own discretion as to if that assignment is an appropriate match for the skill level of both interpreters, as well as if the job is ethically sound overall.

TOTAL PRO BONO HOURS clocked since estd: 181

If your organization would like to inquire about partnering with CORE and your organization is located near one of our Chapter cities, please email us at Thank you for your interest in CORE! We look forward to working with you in the future!