CORE Interpreters LLC has three main roles for participants. Below we have outlined the benefits and requirements for each of the roles. When completing the "Get Involved" form, please indicate which role you are interested in filling for the next six month cycle. 

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Most of our Coaches have been working in the interpreting field for at least fifteen years. Many of the Coaches have either taught interpreting, presented workshops, or have a degree in interpreting.  All of the Coaches have interpreter certifications and maintain their CEUs. Each of the Coaches have a say on Match Team decisions. Coaches receive gift cards for their Saturday Workshops and the joy of witnessing our program grow. 



Many of our mentors have been working in the field for five years or more and have some type of interpreter certification. Mentors have the benefit of mentoring their own mentee who is assigned to them by our Match Team but the mentors are also able to get mentoring from their assigned Coaches. Mentors have access to the Saturday Workshops where we provide CEUs. The mentor role is not a paid position within this program. 

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Almost all of the mentees are not yet certified and have graduated from school. Many of our mentees are new to the field or have been working for less than five years. Our mentorship program provides mentoring through three interpreters who are assigned: two coaches and one mentor. Each of the mentees are expected to attend all CORE events. The mentees are required to pay $150.00 for their CORE mentorship experience.